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Everton v Liverpool – My Everton XI

It's that wonderful time of the year again where the Christmas lights come out and everyone is feeling festive. However after we're done with it, we … Read More
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Everton 3-0 Apollon Limassol – Everton Player Ratings

Nothing much to really see here. We went to Apollon under no illusions that it was a dead rubber and we played very much like it was. We took the … Read More
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Everton v Apollon Limassol – My Everton XI

We're out of Europe and we're taking a load of kids so, like Everton, I'll take this one easy. I'll write a few words - mostly positive - on the game … Read More

Everton 2-0 Huddersfield – Everton Player Ratings

I was apparently watching a different game from the rest of the fan base today, as I thought we were absolutely exceptional. We never looked in … Read More
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Everton v Huddersfield Town – My Everton XI

No more negativity until Saturday night. Up the Ev. Allardyce is in charge and he's been speaking well since his arrival. Now, I've made no secret … Read More
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Everton 4-0 West Ham – Everton Player Ratings

Who wouldn't have thought we'd win 4-0? Always on the cards. On a day where Sam Allardyce was announced as Everton manager, we needed something … Read More
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