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Everton Predicted XI: Manchester City (A)

The last time we played Manchester City was the game that one Tom Davies burst onto the scene. How time flies. That game was also Pep Guardiola's … Read More
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Everton v Hajduk Split – My Eleven

Here we go again with Everton in Europe. We didn't make easy work of Ružomberok so God knows how we'll cope against these. We can't just take a 1-0 … Read More
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Everton player ratings: Stoke (H)

Everton are back and so is Rooney. All in all, it was a great opening day as winning the first fixture is never an easy task. This is even harder … Read More
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My Pre-Season Predictions

After the initial transfer buzz of the end of the season, we all fall into prediction mode. Whether we adopt a positive or negative view of the … Read More
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Everton v Stoke – My Eleven

Ready to go again? I've quite enjoyed the transfer window this time around, and it is a peculiar feeling having some additions to the team before the … Read More
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Our Moments of the Season

After the final whistle of the FA Cup blew on Saturday, the domestic season was drawn to a close. It's been a somewhat unremarkable season on behalf … Read More
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