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Everton v Arsenal : My Everton XI

If you want my official prediction, Ronald Koeman will be sacked by the end of next Thursday. We'll lose to Arsenal and then to Chelsea. I don't … Read More
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Everton 1-2 Lyon: Everton Player Ratings

Football is a results business. It is nothing more than that. You can have all of the passion on the pitch, all of the graft and all of the flair, … Read More
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Everton v Lyon : My Everton XI

Tick. Tock. Craig Shakespeare is gone, Frank de Boer is gone, Slaven Bilic is on the way and Father Time is on the road to Ronald Koeman. The … Read More
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Everton Player Ratings: Brighton (A)

It's another shocking performance - well, actually, it's far from shocking. We were the second best team from the 20th minute onwards and deserved … Read More
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Everton v Brighton : My Everton XI

If you want a quick little preview: Brighton are going to win. Carry on with your day, gents. We're heading into another game filled with … Read More
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Everton 0-1 Burnley – Everton Player Ratings

This is going to be a fun one isn't it? Koeman's gone, there's no coming back from that, No matter what he does. It's now just up to Moshiri on when. … Read More
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