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Everton v Watford – My Everton XI

This time next year, our manager may well be returning to his old club with a revitalised squad, a push for the title very much on the cards and a … Read More
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Everton 3-1 Crystal Palace – Everton Player Ratings

We all found out the team a day early again (Which should probably be addressed) and we weren't at all shocked. No sign of players such as Klaassen, … Read More
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Everton v Crystal Palace – My Everton XI

A considerable positive about this game is that it's one game closer to the end of the season and the departure of Sam Allardyce. That's about it … Read More
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Arsenal 5-1 Everton – Everton Player Ratings

Authors Note: *THIS WILL NOT BE PROFESSIONAL, IN ANY WAY*. As of right now, starting this, it's 2-0 to Arsenal. I thought I might as well start the … Read More
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Everton v Arsenal – My Everton XI

A good result midweek needs to lead to another at Arsenal if Everton are to still have any European ambitions. We don't do well against these … Read More
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Everton 2-1 Leicester: Everton Player Ratings

A/N: Before we start, I want to say that the decision made to send Lookman out on loan is up there with the worst decisions I've seen this football … Read More
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