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Imperative Transfer Targets for Everton

In my last article, I raised the question of which manager Everton would need to move forward.... enter Sam Allardyce. Like him, Love him or hate … Read More
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Potential Everton Managers Rated

When the decision was made to relieve Ronald Koeman of his duties at Goodison Park, it was met with a sigh of relief among the Everton … Read More
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Five goalkeepers Everton should be looking at this summer

For Everton, this season has been a step in the right direction and in other ways, it's been the same old story. That same old story is the … Read More
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Everton’s best, and worst, performances of the season

We are near the end of the season and let's face it Blues, we are in much better hands than we were 12 months ago. The side have been much better … Read More
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Everton’s top five league goalscorers graded

At the time of writing, Romelu Lukaku is on 59 premier league goals after his four-goal haul vs Bournemouth and is homing in on the record set by … Read More
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Everton in January- Positive thoughts!

Everton. January. Good, barring one minor (ok, an absolute travesty) at the beginning of the month. I left the last article with an air of … Read More