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Everton v Palace – My Everton XI

If one was to define Everton, it'd be ' A word that means a massive high, followed by hilarity, chaos and suffering'. That's basically the definition … Read More

Everton 3-2 Watford – Everton Player Ratings

If anyone ever asks you why you bother shelling out so much money to go and see some men kick a ball about at a rugged old stadium during the dark … Read More

Everton v Watford – My Everton XI

To be honest I really couldn't care less about this game. We're going to get beat against Watford because they're a better footballing team. They … Read More

Everton 0-3 Lyon – Everton Player Ratings

After four games in this season's Europa League group stage, Everton are bottom, without a win on one point, and cannot qualify beyond the current … Read More

Everton v Lyon – My Everton XI

Judging by the reports coming out over the past few days, Everton have well and truly given up on Europe. Phil Jagielka, Wayne Rooney and Leighton … Read More

Everton 0-2 Leicester – Everton Player Ratings

"Hope in reality is the worst of all evils, because it prolongs the torment of man". Most of us saw sings of positivity against Chelsea with a … Read More