Roberto Martinez is not good enough.

Title says it all, Martinez is one of the worst managers this club has had. Even David Moyes was f**king better, that was poor management of the game as we went 3-1 down, we didn’t even want to attack. The worst thing about it is Bill Kenwright is too soft to sack the Spanish waiter.

Hopefully these new owners come with ambition and sack him and go for a manager with the ability to defend and hold a lead. There’s lots of managers out there with ability to take this club into Europe, the likes of Julen Lopetegui and Roberto Di Matteo are experienced.

What were we thinking when we hired a manager who just relegated a good side, if we hold on to him he’ll do the same to us.

We don’t like to admit it but Romelu Lukaku, John Stones and even possibly Ross Barkley are leaving this summer and I wouldn’t trust this clown with any more money. As for Stones, who does he actually think he is playing football like that in a semi-final? Passing the ball like it’s a friendly, I genuinely believe he’s grown up playing FIFA Street and has tried basing his career of it, if Barcelona or Madrid come in with anything over £30,000,000 take it and run.

As for Lukaku he will become world class but I’m sure we all agree he’s one of the most frustrating strikers we’ve had, more or less down to his first touch, I’ll give him sympathy from tonight considering he had no support and he recognised it.

This section I could probably rewrite the bible with, Roberto Martinez doesn’t half chat sh**e does he?! In his presser the other day he says “We have nothing to play for”.

It’s that kind of mentality that saw Wigan get relegated. He’s also said “I wouldn’t expect anyone to be feeling down”. I really don’t know what to say, he’s in his own world isn’t he? He doesn’t realise that his jobs at risk due to his stubbornness and sheer insanity. Another is “We played with incredible character and incredible swagger”. Can we just sack him now? The entire team was lazy.

The only praise I can give out to individual players would be to the likes of Funes Mori, Jagielka and Barkley. Couldn’t tell if anyone else was really giving their all, there’s players in this squad such as Baines, Jagielka and Coleman who deserve a trophy in their career but unfortunately won’t get one, they’ve had opportunities to leave and for some reason have decided to stay.

Overall it’s clear Martinez is stubborn, the club has been in a clear crisis at the end of the last season and we’ve changed nothing, he has no Plan B, even when we went 3-1 down we were still playing that ridiculous possessive football which gets us nowhere, even the players looked half arsed, we had throw-ins towards the end where our players showed no urgency and were walking about, I think even that shows the players have lost faith in the manager.

Let me know your thoughts, surely you want him gone, who would you replace him with?