Back to Earth we come, as the inevitable left hook sends us crashing down from dreamland.

Jubilation goes some way to encapsulate mine, and many other Evertonians emotions last Saturday, after the news broke about Farhad Moshiri becoming Major shareholder at the club.

‘BREAKING: The Club is to have a new major shareholder in Farhad Moshiri who brings the promise of new investment.’

The sheer amount of joy and euphoria I witnessed across the Twittersphere captured the Everton zeitgeist of the last decade.

Victory over Aston Villa added to the collective delectation. Blues everywhere were exuberantly expressing themselves on social media, praising the Iranian who will lead the club into a new era.

However, we are not there yet.

Just shy of three weeks ago, I posted A Look in the Mirror, a piece in which I warned of the club following in Aston Villa’s footsteps unless serious change occurred, and how soon were my prayers answered.

Despite this, the promise of future investment doesn’t remedy our underutilised squad and our misfiring head coach.

I would like to point out I’m not inculpating Martinez for the late capitulation yesterday. I’d also like to say, as an elderly person expressed disappointment in my negativity last week, that this piece isn’t in the same vein, although my points still remain prevalent.

Moshiri has taken command of a promising project, and will be sure to invest heavily to see his newest plaything succeed. Whilst investment will cause an effective cathartic release for the fans, it will not cause comprehensive change immediately.

Patience will be key, as we look to move the club in a new direction. There are a lot of aspects Moshiri will need to address, once his takeover has been ratified by the Premier League.

In regards to the loss, West Ham, to their credit, are fifth in the league table. Regardless of the manner, they are considerably higher than us in the league, and they have earned that position.

Yes, the manner of victory was unjust, and as such probably made the result more disillusioning than elsewise.

But it isn’t the first time we’ve witness utter capitulation this season.

Don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t justify the loss. Personally, I was hugely disappointed to lose so late on, hugely. It represented a missed three points that could have been vital in the final chase. I also believe that league position is unimportant if the team plays well, because they’re more than capable of beating anyone on their day.

Despite this, we must move on.

Now, all that remains is the FA Cup, a basket in which I hope Roberto has placed all of his eggs into.

In the meantime the loss shows us fans that although promising things and exciting times are to come, we must remain patient.