Everton’s director of marketing and communications, Richard Kenyon, has revealed he has intentions of helping the club to branch out on a wider scale across the world, with growing their reputation in Asia and America being prime targets.

Just six months ago, the Toffees took it upon themselves to bring in more staff that would suit their new approach to broadening the club to the world, instead of focusing primarily on their European marketing, as well as the obvious popularity within the United Kingdom.

The English Premier League is growing and growing all over the world, especially in Asia and America. The English Premier League is a fantastic platform and creates lots of visibility. It gives prominence to the brand.

As well as Kenyon’s desire to make Everton one of the world’s most well-known clubs, head of partnerships, Sam Lucas, has also stated that the growth of the Premier League’s reputation across the different continents is reason enough to begin work for a wider audience.

Paul Thomas/Getty Images Sport

We have seen big growth in China and the US this season. In China alone, the number of viewers who watch Everton has surged dramatically, from only 200,000 viewers last season to over 2 million this season.

Chang Beer is the brand with the longest partnership not only for Everton FC, but also in the English Premier League. The 12-year partnership started in 2004. It is longer than the average sponsorship in the English Premier League, which I would say is usually between two and five years.

Plenty of other Premier League clubs have links to Asian areas, such as Liverpool and Manchester United, meaning that their fan bases have grown massively over the years as a result of a franchise in the continent and more coverage for the teams.

A portion of Evertonians have been crying out for the Blues to expand their commercial operations, and it seems as if the Club is finally taking significant steps to do just that.