Everton were forced to pay a fee in excess of £10 million to former manager Roberto Martinez after sacking him in May, report the Daily Mail.

The manager was sacked before the Premier League season was even over four months ago, in favour of Southampton boss Ronald Koeman, but the departure of the Spaniard meant The Toffees would be left paying a significant amount of his remaining contract, which still had another three years left to run. Martinez was given a new five-year deal following the 2013-14 season but failed to maintain the success he enjoyed in his debut year, finishing 11th in the next two seasons.

Jan Kruger/Getty Images Sport

The total amount came to around £12 million, and Everton were in negotiations for some time with Martinez’s lawyers to try and negotiate away some of the sizable amount, using the two poor seasons between 2014 and 2016 as leverage. However, the ex-manager’s legal team had the benefit of a clause saying the rest of the contract must be paid in full by the club, making discussions difficult for Everton.

Eventually, Martinez settled for a lower fee of between £10-11m, but wanted reassurances it would be paid in one instalment, which it was, and that he would be free to take up other jobs, which he soon did when he took over the Belgian national team and linked back up with Romelu Lukaku and Kevin Mirallas. The side ranked second-best in the world fell 2-0 to Spain in his first game, ensuring a poor start for the former Wigan manager.