It’s been a January of prospective change so far, with much talk being about not whether there will be players leaving, but when and to whom. And, you know, the occasional talk about voodoo, pilgrimages in Africa, Ross Barkley sulking because his mate left and owning the city by August.

All in a week’s work for Sam’s Snides.

That all came from a rather comical AGM in which the actual important points were lost and buried far underneath Moshiri letting loose and managing to make half the City’s collective head fall off in what must be at least the 4th time in the space of a month. That’s incredibly impressive.

We’re now headed down south with a new striker on board and we’ll probably pick up Walcott while we’re down there (my opinion on that one: a bit unnecessary unless he fully Victor Moses’ himself and plays left-back).

Anyway, here’s my team.

Alex Livesey/Getty Images Sport Start slideshow