There has been a hell of a lot more negativity than I thought there would be in the last few weeks. It seems to have come from nowhere, and I really don’t quite know what has sparked it.

Look, I adore hating Everton just as much as any other Evertonian, but it’s really unwarranted right now. Marco Silva is still working with a relegation-level team as of last season, and there will be times when we look every bit as awful as we did last season. Last time at home was one of those times. We came up against one of the worst teams in the league and we got slaughtered.

After that, we played Arsenal. We never turn up against Arsenal, and I realise that isn’t an excuse, but it’s a reason not to get torn up about anything.

Days like that happen. Of all people, I thought it would be the Evertonians who were the bearers of that standard.

Anyway, let’s get rid of those memories straight away and move on to being back at home with Fulham coming to Goodison.