It is one of the cardinal sins of football management to disregard any major title. Marco Silva has done just that tonight, and it’s a sackable offence.

No, I’m not suggesting he should be sacked. But it is sheer neglect and he, Silva, clearly doesn’t understand what the fans actually want. Which is a shame, as in my book, any credibility he has previously gained is well and truly gone.

The team selection was a disgrace. Tom Davies retained his place, so that’s never a good sign, with Morgan Schneiderlin alongside him – meaning Schneiderlin was asked to do the work of two midfielders. That set him up for immense failure, as we often saw last season.

Kieran Dowell started with no sight of Gylfi Sigurdsson in the squad. That sentence alone should enrage Everton fans. Kieran Dowell is not Gylfi Sigurdsson. Marco Silva dropped Everton’s most important player for our most important match of the season.

He also dropped Jordan Pickford. I’m not even going to say any more on that. We have an elite keeper for a reason, he does not get dropped for a glorified coach, ever.

This result is entirely down to Marco Silva’s absolute idiocy and negligence. It is one of the most amateur, out of touch line-ups I’ve seen….

Since last season.

Nothing has changed, apparently? I wonder.