At this point, you’re used to me saying, “last game was last game, let’s move on to the next one now”.

But I can’t this time, the whole fanbase is still hurting from Tuesday night, and as harsh as a lot of my criticism may have been, I stand by all of it. There are players in this squad that are not good enough, and Marco Silva’s job was to ensure that we phase them out, not play them. But like I said, he didn’t do that, and that isn’t good enough. He has lost any credit he gained from how we started the season, and it will take some effort to gain it back.

If we don’t go very far in the FA Cup or finish in the Top 6, Silva’s first season will be a severe failure. Under no means should he be sacked, as like I’ve said, I want to see him given three years to reinvigorate this club from top to bottom, but throwing away our best chance at winning a trophy is complete arrogance towards Everton fans. To then come out and defend the decision after the fact is heading towards incompetency.

If we simply ‘rested’ players to be beaten by Leicester, then there should be serious questions asked of the way Marco Silva is approaching things.

Not to say that we should simply move on from Tuesday night if we do beat Leicester however, as the decisions Marco Silva made last time out should not be forgotten for a while.