Everton director Sasha Ryazantsev believes that the club with learn from their rivals mistakes with the Toffees new stadium plans at Bramley-Moore Dock.

Speaking at the Leaders Sports Business Summit at Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge, via the Liverpool Echo, the Everton director revealed that Everton will look at the recent difficulties suffered by West Ham and Tottenham to learn from the mistakes made.

Everton are planning to move into their new home by the 2022/23 season, with the Toffees set to leave Goodison Park for the first time in their history.

Lynne Cameron/Getty Images Sport

Ryazantsev said:

There’s been quite a few stadium moves and some of them arguably made some mistakes and I hope we can learn from those mistakes.

Sometimes it’s good to be a trailblazer but when you’re not first, you can learn from others’ mistakes. It is a very long-term project and it will take several years before we move.

We see it (the stadium move) as an opportunity to close the gap on the top six and the stadium itself will create a huge amount of new life.

It will breathe new life into the team, create new jobs in the area and be worth one billion pounds of economic value to the city.

West Ham and Spurs have both had difficulties moving into their new grounds. The Hammers have endured crowd trouble and a lack of atmosphere, whilst Tottenham are you to move into their new ground, due to delays.