I don’t watch Anfield derbies, and I’m pretty sure I’ve made that clear for as long as I’ve been writing these things for the last few years. Sunday afternoon was no exception, so I will not be the absolute voice of authority on what exactly happened as I only cherry-picked some highlights (and lowlights) that I wanted to watch.

Yes, that included the Liverpool goal, and all I will say on that regard is that I hope Jordan Pickford gets an immense amount of support on Wednesday evening, as I expect he will.

But beyond that, it is a much more encouraging feeling to be coming out of a Merseyside Derby being beaten in the 96th minute as apposed to the usual situation where we are defeated before a ball is kicked. The feedback from the result from many Liverpool fans I know is that they were lucky, and we played the best football we have at Anfield certainly in my lifetime.

More importantly than anything however, the fight for sixth is still well and truly our main focus, and we need a run now where we can try to gain some ground on United.

The hectic Christmas period is starting, and thus, there will be some rotation in the side.