Thankfully, the insane run of games over the late Christmas period are over.

While they’re somewhat enjoyable, the incredible drop-off in the quality of football is noticeable, and only strengthens the argument for a winter break. I still believe the ideal solution is to essentially copy the NFL, and give teams ‘bye weeks’ where, say, four teams out of the 20 in the League will not play, and that alternates over five weeks in order both to keep a tradition of British Christmas football going, but also to give players the rest time to keep the quality of football up.

But anyhow, that decision can be made by people on more money than I am. I’m here to talk about Everton, and all the joy that entails.

There still isn’t any doubt we’re in a horrid run of form, and a lucky win against Lincoln City will do nothing to aid that, as they were the better team for large portions of that game.

We need a big win against a good side, and that’s where Bournemouth come in.

A loss here and the pressure on Mr Silva from those who already aren’t too happy will become even greater.