Just as the Bournemouth game was, Southampton is a must-win. We need to keep pace on the teams ahead of us, and losing to yet another relegation-level team is not going to help our cause, especially given that this period was supposed to be the ‘easy’ run.

That’s all too analytical for me, isn’t it. I know why you’re here.

I do not like Southampton. At all. I want so desperately for them to be relegated, and that was only amplified after they appointed Mark Hughes. They’re a club that was once the pre-eminent club on ‘how to come up from the Championship and survive’ but they have since lost all of their identity of buying younger players on lower wages, and have turned quite simply into a cesspool of overpaid, average has-been’s or never-will-be’s.

They’re not on the level of West Ham in my power rankings of hatred, but they’re on the cusp.

Just beat them. Nothing else Everton, just batter them.