That was one of the best Everton performances in a while.

I’m not saying it was good, it was genuinely awful yet again, but it’s still one of the better games. Which is a damning indictment as for huge portions of the game we were outworked and outperformed by a genuinely awful Millwall side who managed to secure a good win against a Premier League side, if not for much longer.

Like I said in my pre-match comments, there was absolutely no chance Everton would win the cup this season, as we were quite possibly the weakest Premier League side left, and plenty of EFL clubs could have easily given us a run for our money, much like Millwall did. And Millwall aren’t even a good Championship side. At least we have found our level.

Mr Silva has a tremendous job on his hands, and I, like every sensible Evertonian, stand by comments of absolute support for the boss. However bad this may seem, having the season be over in January rather than May is somewhat relieving, as I can retire to my life of watching golf come Thursday to Sunday, and semi-regularly attending University lectures.