I will preface these words with a simple thought. I, like everyone else, could not care less about the game. I couldn’t care less about the rest of the season, and right now, I couldn’t care less about Everton Football Club.

So, I invite you all to sit alongside me and join in not caring, if you so wish. Many are seething after the weekend’s proceedings, many are extremely sad, and many just don’t care. 

I’ve spoken in great detail about Everton’s relationship with apathy over the past few years, and it is only getting worse. We thought that going to games was going to be better under Marco, and it has not been the case. Walking the Goodison way still remains a chore on any given day against any given opposition, and it won’t change at least for the next few months.

However, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Mr Silva recognises our issues unlike his predecessors and recognises that he is not perfect. Ridding Everton Football Club of a cancer that has manifested over the past decade is not an easy task, in fact, it is one that a manager would be stupid to take on.

But Mr Silva has, and he, alongside Mr Brands, will sort the football club out in due course. This season is gone, let’s look forward.