(As one who really loves a cliché) Just when you think you’re out, they pull you back in. From this horrid season, we may just be gearing up for another European tour come June, and that is how quickly the pendulum of Everton can swing either way even after a measly 90 minutes. We were very good tonight, and the scoreline very much flattered Huddersfield, as it could have easily been two or three.

There was a bit of fight in the Everton side, which was a lovely sight to see, and some fringe players were re-introduced into the side and all of them definitely gave the manager something to think about.

There needed to be changes after the Millwall game, both personnel-wise and tactically, and we got it. Mr Silva let Tosun do what he does best, absolutely dominate a back line physically.

There was a desire in this Everton team, a scrappiness which has been seldom seen for a long time.

Long may it continue.

But not the 1-0s, could do without 1-0s.

Here’s how we rated the Blues after the win.