I really don’t like Wolves. I don’t like the way they’re run, I don’t like their players, I don’t like their manager and I don’t like their fans pretending their return to being a mid-table Premier League side is anything other than artificial.

However, as every other Evertonian feels, I hate Everton Football Club far more than any other football team, and that is absolutely unequivocal. The current incarnation of the team is as inconsistent as it is soulless, and it is that inconsistency that drags us back in as much as the team tries so desperately to alienate the passionate fanbase.

I imagine a barren transfer period will do nothing to soothe seething fans, but this season is not important. We will be a mid-table team, seventh at best, and if Mr Brands is content to wait until summer where he sees greater value for money, then I support that entirely.

We exit the transfer window as we entered. Going into a tricky home game, but this time, we can’t really afford to lose at all.