The season’s over, so I’m trying to keep my emotions in check, but I like everyone else am just furious.

Not at Everton, but at Lee Mason. I can’t imagine I’ll be interested in football much longer, and when Lee Mason, a referee who should have been discarded at any level of football a very long time ago, comes to Goodison and makes sure he’s the one garnering any headline, it makes me sick.

Marco Silva will once again get the blame for this from mindless, idiotic Evertonians, but today was entirely Mason’s doing. He awarded Wolves a penalty which was a hilariously awful decision, decided to book Kurt Zouma and Michael Keane for fouls they never committed, let slide at least a few stone wall fouls on Richarlison in the first half alone, missed an obvious handball on Raul Jimenez that could have led to a Wolves goal, another handball on Romain Saïss, made Everton re-take a throw in on a dangerous counter attack simply because he wasn’t fit enough to get back in time into Wolves’ half, decided that Cenk Tosun elbowed a Wolves player that was at least 5 yards behind him, missed a clear foul on Theo Walcott down the wing simply because he chose not to go to ground easily,  missed a Wolves defender pulling back Richarlison midway through the second half shortly before a blatant foul on Cenk Tosun on the edge of the box, was too much of a spineless man to send off the Wolves defender who cynically elbowed Calvert-Lewin on the edge of the box in the 79th minute,  and fell for every single trick in the book that Wolves had to offer.

I was keeping a list at Goodison, so I have undoubtedly missed plenty more.

A diabolical referee, and is the type of man who is quickly making so many so disinterested in football so quickly.