Everton are playing Manchester City this week in a game that could very well seriously affect the title race if it were to, somehow, go Everton’s way.

So herein lies the conundrum. Everton’s season is over, nobody cares about what happens anymore, and the only interesting thing from here on out is the future of Marco Silva. However, the other team in that aforementioned title race is Liverpool. I don’t want Liverpool to win the league whatsoever. I’m sick of hearing about Liverpool, about as sick I am of hearing about football in general to be honest, and all of my social media sphere is covered with spoiled Liverpool fans who are so incomprehensibly insufferable when they win, and even more so when they lose.

However, when they lose, it is in a very amusing way that they appearing like such angry man-children. I would love to see Juergen Klopp choke away yet another title, as he is so famous for doing, and I wish every favour upon Manchester City and Tottenham in order to make that happen.

With all that in mind, here is my super-competitive team for Wednesday night’s affair.