Unfortunately, Mr Silva felt the need to field a team of football players tonight. It was absolutely the preferred option that he should field a weak team to ensure the outcome to benefit the greater good. Luckily, City pulled through, for football fans around the world.

Everton actually played some nice stuff in the first half, which was absolutely the wrong time to try attempt to turn up. However, no matter how well they decide to play at any given time, one set piece undoes absolutely everything, as it did once again as Aymeric Laporte nodded a header home over yet more hopeless defending.

I stand by the statement that Mr Silva will more than likely die on a set-piece shaped hill,  which as tremendously unfortunate as it is, there isn’t much else that can happen if a manager is so stubborn as to not either hire a specialist to help him out, or focus even more on it in training.

Maybe he actually is, and the players are just that inept, which is the likely scenario.