Now that the Everton soccer sphere is once again focused on Everton actually winning a game rather than being terribly conflicted about the greater good, we come up against a small club from the south that all of a sudden is ever so keen to start an internet rivalry with us. This is in no small part to Mr Moshiri taking their manager and their best player in the summer, and for some reason, they haven’t gotten over it.

Of course, their keyboards were reared as soon as things started to go south for Mr Silva, and with their plastic snakes at the ready, they managed to secure a draw at Goodison Park, their biggest result since they lost to Everton in the 1984 FA Cup Final.

However, we are all content to let noises be noises, as we have much bigger problems to worry about than Troy Deeney and his band of merry men.

If the worst happens and Mr Silva is removed from his post, we may just take their manager again.