Being once again an Evertonian with positivity and confidence is a very odd feeling indeed. If you simply go back a few games’ time and read those corresponding words that I’m writing right now, I, like the rest of us, was pretty hopeless.

However, a comfortable 3-0 win over Cardiff, and triumph in the World Cup Final 0-0 over Liverpool has restored the faith for many of us. With pushes being made recently to restore the atmosphere back inside Goodison, and with those efforts being intensified over the last two weeks from what I’ve heard, it looks like L4 is going to be a good place to be once again.

This week it’s Newcastle, and there wouldn’t be a thing much more Everton than a convincing loss to a side such as theirs, after excellent results and an upturn in form over the last couple of weeks.

Here is how I would line Everton up…