I think we’ll beat Chelsea.

If we play the same way we did against Newcastle, against Chelsea, then we’ll beat them. We put in a tremendous attacking display, let down by a disgraceful showing from a thoroughly unprofessional goalkeeper and amateur mistakes at the back. The refereeing performance didn’t help, and it’s common knowledge that Newcastle shouldn’t have won the game, but that doesn’t matter at this point.

Marco Silva has a point to prove, and a statement victory is the only thing that will bring him back into the good graces of Evertonians, warranted or not.

We haven’t beaten a Sky 6 side in three years, and that obviously needs to change. Even our compatriots in the midfield of the table achieve some form of success against better teams, but it is a toxic mentality that seems to prevent us from garnering anything from these affairs.

Get the air raid sirens blasting, the crowds roaring, and let’s see what we can do.