Well, well well. Everton finally defeated a top six club for the first time this season. Goodison Park was once again rocking and created a strong atmosphere for the players to thrive in. It was a bit nervous coming after the collapse last week against Newcastle, but Everton held on.

The first half of this match looked as though Everton were going to be shredded apart by Chelsea. Everton were extremely sloppy and were defending deep into their box. It didn’t look good but they held on until half-time.

Coming out after the break, Marco Silva must have told them something special because the Blues came out a different team. Everton put pressure on Chelsea right away and got an early goal from a set-piece. From then on, Everton showed more creativity and put pressure on Chelsea.

All around, it was a great match at Goodison Park and a much-needed win for the Blues. Hopefully, this will build more confidence moving forward.

Let’s take a look at four findings from the game.