An in form Everton is as exciting as it is terrifying. It’s like that feeling we all get when we know we’re about to have a cold, but aren’t quite bedridden just yet. The throat starts tingling, nose is slightly blocked, going through tissues at an alarming pace.

You just know something is about to happen, and you’re dreading it, but trying to enjoy the last remaining days of good health before it all goes pear shaped.

So what you should take away from this piece today is that Everton are a common cold, and you should enjoy not having one while it lasts.

Beyond my tangents, Everton do actually have a game this weekend, and it’s another big one. We play Arsenal, historically a team we’ve never coped too well against. This fixture last season saw the single best individual performance I’ve ever seen at Goodison, when Alexis Sanchez tore us apart in Koeman’s final game.

However we’re a different Everton at this point, and I’m hoping we can give them more of a game.