These are much harder to write whenever Everton are in good form because when Everton go through the far-too-common poor runs, about 100 words are usually filled with the hot-off-the-press faux outrage from Twitter, the eternal factory of sadness.

However, times are good, and opinion of both the team and manager is changing for the better. We’ve kept four clean sheets in the last five games, and barring a collapse at St James’ Park, we’ve been genuinely excellent in all of those games. We’re beating big teams, and dominating the games against them more importantly, and Mr Silva’s team looks to be finding a real identity.

There has been encouraging news recently on all fronts, from the new stadium to Mr Brands’s exciting transfer plans – not even including the now very open desire to keep both Zouma and Gomes – and all of this is coinciding with great showings on the pitch.

The last few years have provided dichotomy with whatever good news we’d get as it always came with a generous helping of embarrassment at Goodison, but let’s enjoy the good times right now.

Here’s how I’d like to see Everton line up against Fulham.