It’s the end of another season, and that means it’s time for this pantomime. Granted, I love a bit of theatre in writing and this is as close to it as we can get; that being handing out psuedo-legitimate awards based on my own opinions and previous writings. It’s all very self-fulfilling and egotistical, but if that isn’t myself in a sentence then I don’t know what is.

Anyway, that’s enough rambling. The Blues have had a rollercoaster season to say the least, but I’ve very much enjoyed proceedings. We’ve got the best squad we’ve had since late-Moyes’ era, a manager who is determined to play the most exciting way and a partner in crime determined to sign the players to do it best.

We have a bright future. While everyone spends the summer worrying about the future of ‘rebuilding’ Manchester United, we will quietly do our business and attack the top 4.

For now though, let’s look to the immediate past.

Here are my 10 categories in the Everton Awards, you’ll probably disagree with 8 of them.