The Watford result was a textbook example of papering over the cracks. I’m still very much in two minds over Mr Silva, and I think that’s going to be how it is for the foreseeable future.

Recency bias is always screaming to rear its ugly head, but we must remember the good that our manager did last season in any evaluation. Everton Football Club did not last year feel like a club that was one year removed from the joys of Sam Allardyce and Ronald Koeman, instead a club that looked like it was getting ready to go places.

While we seem to have regressed, that doesn’t mean we are stagnant. There are still signs of hope, and we are entering the witching hour for Mr Silva’s reign at Everton. If he pulls through this insane stretch with positive results and dignity intact, then he has a platform to build off of and a leg to stand on.

If it all goes wrong this weekend? Well…

These eleven players have a task on their hands.