To briefly touch on the issue from last week, Heung-min Son deserves no sympathy and will get absolutely no forgiveness. He meant what he did, but with a drastic outcome. He will have to live with that for the future, a disgusting footballer.

Now onto the game.

Mr Silva has not upped his stock among Evertonians in recent weeks, even with controversy over VAR decisions and the sad events of last time out against Spurs. His disappointing season continues even while masked by other events, but that is simply paper over the cracks. He hasn’t got long left in the job, of that I’m fairly certain. Too many false dawns have occurred this season for me to have any trust left for real change.

We will likely see another stale XI as we’re away from home tomorrow, and I have no faith that we’ll see our positive players such as Tom Davies, Moise Kean or Djibril Sidibe, and there’s three of the players that have been spoiled for you. Here are the rest.