Back at it after an international break that really dragged, the Blues need a quick start.

The season so far has been a constantly fluctuating state of ‘finished’ and ‘hang on we could still get Europe’. The reality is that it’s somewhere in between those conclusions.

We probably won’t get anywhere near the top places in the league, but I don’t think it will be another bottom half finish. We’re coming into a nightmare run of fixtures that will probably make or break the second half of the campaign. We get through with a few points and dignity intact, and then strengthen in January, then who knows what could happen.

If we crumble and end up in the bottom three places come January? Well, then anything could happen.

Marco Silva has a team selection dilemma on his hands again, as he still has not found his strongest XI this season, even putting injuries aside. Players are returning to fitness, and we need to see the exciting players back in the side.