Motivation to watch any sort of football is slowly fading for me, and the fact that Mr Silva still occupies an Everton dugout is not exactly helping the situation.

Not that I lay all of the blame on him, but unfortunately the buck does stop with the manager. After every result, positive or negative, you need to ask yourself, ‘could this set of players be performing better with an alternative manager?’ If the answer is ever ‘yes’ then the manager must be removed from his duties. At the start of the season, it was probably a ‘no’ as the players were entirely to blame with individual errors or a general lack of effort impeding them. Now however, it is apparent that there is no level of coaching happening at Finch Farm.

There isn’t a single player who you can say has improved this season from last, even the players who still have some semblance of pride left such as Yerry Mina, Tom Davies, Dominic Calvert-Lewin and Bernard, who haven’t exactly kicked on from last campaign.

If this is to be our last season in the Premier League for a while, to go down with docile leadership would be an embarrassing memory to leave behind. Mr Silva should have been sacked weeks ago.