Another disappointing display, but nothing else is new. Mr Silva will still be in a job come midweek because the board is more than likely enamored with the idea of their project manager nearly gaining a point at Champions’ League contender Leicester City and that’s enough to reward Mr Silva with a few more weeks on a rolling contract.

The squad so obviously needs galvanising with a managerial change that only now Mr Moshiri and Mr Kenwright cannot see that. Mr Silva’s time is long overdue and he must be removed from his post swiftly. Put anyone in interim charge if they really want to, as it’s simply the fresh ideas that are needed. The supporters need a boost also, and seeing the dreary demeanor of the Portuguese on the sideline every week simply isn’t going to do it. Rubber stamp captain Seamus Coleman’s ‘rallying cries’ are falling on deaf ears, Mr Brands’ communications simply seem to frustrate rather than inform, and the absolute lack of clarity over Mr Silva’s position is the most baffling thing of all.

Back him, at your peril granted, but back him nonetheless and supporters will have no choice but to accept it. Or get rid, which is obviously the only real option at this point. Here are our player ratings.