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“Absolutely Frightening” – Former Newcastle Player Talks About The Future

It has been a difficult couple of years for Newcastle United and following on from the Mike Ashley era and very few serious challenges towards the … Read More

Why the next month is crucial for Jesse Marsch

Following Leeds United’s 5-2 drubbing of Cardiff City in the recent FA Cup Third Round Replay, Jesse Marsch made the headlines as he spoke to the … Read More

Potter Dismisses Criticism But Chelsea Lose Again

Despite tasting Champions League and UEFA Super Cup success back in 2021, it is not unfair to say that Chelsea have had a difficult couple of years … Read More

Former City Defender Has A Strange Week After Encounters With Klopp & Redknapp

There is often an interesting relationship between football pundits, journalists and then managers in the game and whilst many of the disagreements … Read More

Shades Of Ighalo As United Are Almost Ready To Announce Weghorst

With the January transfer window having opened just over a week ago, plenty of Premier League clubs are taking the opportunity to move a few players … Read More

7 Steps to Creating an Automotive Aftermarket Parts E-Commerce Brand

Are you a local automotive aftermarket parts store owner looking to expand into a more global market? Now is the time. According to Global Market … Read More
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