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Three Stars: Everton 4-0 Manchester United

After a loss to Fulham last week, Everton got right back on track with a thrilling 4-0 win against Manchester United. It was another huge scalp for … Read More

Everton 1-0 Arsenal: Three stars

Another three points in the bag against Arsenal. Another shock result for most fans. After the start of the season, not being able to capitalise on … Read More

Three Everton Stars: Chelsea (H)

An unexpected win for most fans. Who would have thought after collapsing under the pressure applied by an average Newcastle United team last week, a … Read More

Newcastle 3-2 Everton: Three stars

Another defeat and it would be easy for to cast criticism on the team today after what has been a rollercoaster season. Watching Everton at St. … Read More

Everton 0-0 Liverpool: Three stars

The day most fans have waited for arrived. Before the game the expected result varied depending who you might of asked around the city of Liverpool. … Read More

Everton’s Three Stars vs Cardiff (H)

A win is a win. An obvious statement and one that probably needs reviewing, when you think we swapped the “Big Sam” style for the flowing, … Read More