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Everton Player Ratings: Liverpool (H)

Well that was disappointing. Liverpool weakening their side in the way they did only served to further showcase how far behind them Everton are, … Read More

Everton 2-1 Stoke City – Everton Player Ratings

Everton have won away from home! While it was a long way from being an enjoyable game to watch, with quality proving to be extremely scarce, … Read More

Everton v Stoke – My Everton XI

As much as we want to be apathetic, and believe me I've been doing a stand-up job of it recently, the Ev' are playing and we're all glued to our … Read More
  • By Alex Hives
  • 4 min read time
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Everton 2-0 Brighton – Everton Player Ratings

If we presume Allardyce was staying until summer anyway, then this is a great day overall. It was the best we've played since we beat West Ham at … Read More
  • By Alex Hives
  • 7 min read time
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Final Nine: Predicting Everton’s Remaining Fixtures

Whether you're a fan of Sam Allardyce as Everton boss or not, I feel fairly confident in claiming that the majority of Evertonians are counting down … Read More

Everton v Brighton – My Everton XI

I think I made myself pretty clear on Allardyce, and Everton really, during the week, so I won't go into too much of that again. Instead, let's look … Read More
  • By Alex Hives
  • 5 min read time
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