The performance today was much better, and although it again resulted in nothing, it was certainly an improvement on some of the drivel Allardyce has been serving up lately, so at least we have that.

It was the debut of Cenk Tosun, who certainly made a big impression. Not with a goal but by making us remember what Lukaku was like. He was everywhere he needed to be and won a lot of the battles he was dragged into. With some better service, he can definitely become a hit soon enough.

There were some other considerable positives on show, the main one being Mason Holgate who is looking more and more like the leading man at the back with excellent performance after excellent performance. Meanwhile Wayne Rooney seemed to turn things around in the first half as he got forward much more than recently and seemed to gain a step back.

Overall, not a good day, but a day with decent promise going forward.

That’s what I would say if we weren’t such an embarrassment.

We have spent incomprehensible amounts of money to improve this team and, as I think I said last week, we’re miles worse off than when we were under Moyes in the late 00’s

We’re a dysfunctional unit that is resorting to playing kids who should be having time to develop at the club because the players that Steve Walsh brings in are absolute failures. We then turn to Sam Allardyce, who no one with any pride wanted anyway, and after a period of stability shows just how out of touch he is. We shouldn’t have sacked Koeman, that’s pretty clear now, at least until we had a proper replacement lined up.

Get this season over with and clear out a good 7-10 players from the squad and make sure Allardyce doesn’t set foot inside Finch Farm past May. It’s the worst Everton squad I’ve ever seen, that’s for sure, and it needs drastic change and soon.

Ratings. I’ve done them.

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