I think I made myself pretty clear on Allardyce, and Everton really, during the week, so I won’t go into too much of that again. Instead, let’s look forward to going back to Goodison in the freezing cold weather to watch the Blues slump to another awful result, whereafter our manager will blame every aspect but himself, might even be the feng shui of the stands this time.

Brighton are a better, more combative side than us, no doubt about that (with a much superior manager) but we’ve been underdogs before and we tend to take on that mantle pretty well. However in the past, we usually took on the role with passion and purpose, things which this side scarcely possess. It’s not going to be a pretty game, it never is with Everton nowadays, but lets see if we can scrape a win which will take us further away from the 2018/19 EFL Championship.

Let’s see if we have enough to pull the wool over Brighton.

Now I want you to read that again, and realise that I’m talking about one of the most successful sides in English footballing history and one of the most iconic clubs in world football.

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