Here. We. Go. Again.

The Blues are back in business for another rollercoaster of emotions more commonly known as the English Premier League. Personally, I’m far from ready and still recovering from last season, wounds still present and all that, but the more level headed of you may be looking forward to the coming season with anxious anticipation.

In more recent news, we all had a very fun end to the transfer window for the first time in a while as we brought in Yerry Mina (finally), André Gomes and Bernard, to go along with Lucas Digne and Richarlison who were signing earlier on. This means in total, we signed a two-man Brazilian contingent – one a full international, one sure to be a full international soon, and 3 Barcelona stars.

That’s still Everton, by the way, and typing it out like that is seriously odd, when Spherical Samuel was convincing us all that Steve ‘Wondermaker’ Walsh would be bringing in Phil Jones and Jack Wilshere.

But now we have Marco and Marcel and everything is looking significantly brighter than it was a few months back at the very least.