A culmination of seemingly thousands of set pieces were what cemented Everton’s fate today. While that can be a summary of the season so far, I fear it may be spelling the end for Marco Silva very shortly.

As much as I do want Marco Silva to figure his demons out, it probably won’t happen in the future if it hasn’t happened by now, and I’m not blinded too much by loyalty to a manager that has been here for six months to be able to see that.

It probably is for the best if we cut our ties with Marco Silva. Let’s let David Unsworth steady the ship once again, and if so be it, until the end of the season.

However, Marcel Brands needs to find his manager that is one of Europe’s best. We cannot keep taking managers from sides such as Southampton and Watford and expecting us to be better than sides such as Southampton and Watford.

Silva has lost Goodison, that’s evident, and there isn’t any coming back from that I’m afraid.