The period of about three minutes where Jordan Pickford dropped a ball with no one around him only to find Rondon bursting in out of nowhere, where he then put in a challenge Bobby Wagner (shoutout to my Seattle Seahawks) would be proud of, to then produce another penalty save to add to his already impressive repertoire of saves from the spot, only then for Everton to counter and score a second, is a career definition of Jordan Pickford.

Beyond that, it was an exceptional attacking display from a side that has, this campaign, been very muted in that regard. While the defensive frailties still remain at large, it was an improved first half.

However, the second half was a return to what we know best.

I won’t harp on too much, because you all saw it, but Everton have very much lost any goodwill generated after two positive results, in the space of one March afternoon.