Several Everton fans have taken to Twitter to defend comments made by former Liverpool striker Michael Owen.

The former England star wrote in his BetVictor predictions for the Premier League this weekend that Everton had failed to impress him so far this season, despite the club having yet to concede. Owen wrote:

Aston Villa have lost 14 of their last 15 Premier League games but will still be kicking themselves for such a slow start against Bournemouth on Saturday when individual mistakes saw them two-down inside the first quarter hour.

Dean Smith will be hoping for a better start on Friday evening against an Everton side who have failed to impress so far this season but have yet to concede a goal.

I can’t split the sides – a point apiece.

While some on social media tried looking between the lines at a former Liverpool man criticising the club’s bitter rivals, others chose to take his comments at face value and defend his criticisms as fair points to be made.

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Personally, I think Michael Owen is spot on. Everton haven’t particularly impressed this season so far, they’ve been tight at the back but up front they nothing has fit together just yet.

Everton could be top by the end of play on Friday, but that means nothing in the grand scheme of things, especially after just three games. Owen is right to demand more from Everton, to expect higher performance levels, and hopefully we’ll begin to see that put into action soon.

Is Michael Owen right to say Everton haven't impressed this season?