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HOT TAKES: Ramiro Funes Mori shouldn’t have been sold

Football is a game of opinions. Was that a penalty? Should we sign player X? Wouldn't player Y be a better fit for our system? In this age of … Read More

The Definitive Everton ‘Keep or Sell’ List

Perhaps a 'Keep in and around the first team or don't' would have been a more apt title, but I'm not looking to make my title longer than my … Read More
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Everton v Liverpool – My Everton XI

I just want the game to be over so I can get back home to watch the Masters. I am absolutely numb to this game, if I had the choice I probably … Read More
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Everton player ratings: Manchester City (A)

I'm not going to lie to you, I spent my time today watching the City players rather than the Everton players, but I think many of you will let me … Read More

Everton v Manchester City – My Everton XI

Guardiola's never beaten Everton, by the way. We're going into the game off of a lesser-spotted away win where Cenk Tosun netted twice up at … Read More
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Everton v Stoke – My Everton XI

As much as we want to be apathetic, and believe me I've been doing a stand-up job of it recently, the Ev' are playing and we're all glued to our … Read More
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