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Everton 0-1 Watford – Everton Player Ratings

A culmination of seemingly thousands of set pieces were what cemented Everton's fate today. While that can be a summary of the season so far, I fear … Read More

Everton v Watford – Alex’s XI

Now that the Everton soccer sphere is once again focused on Everton actually winning a game rather than being terribly conflicted about the greater … Read More

Everton player ratings: Manchester City (H)

Unfortunately, Mr Silva felt the need to field a team of football players tonight. It was absolutely the preferred option that he should field a weak … Read More

Everton v Manchester City – Alex’s XI

Everton are playing Manchester City this week in a game that could very well seriously affect the title race if it were to, somehow, go Everton's … Read More

Everton 1-3 Wolves – Everton Player Ratings

The season's over, so I'm trying to keep my emotions in check, but I like everyone else am just furious. Not at Everton, but at Lee Mason. I can't … Read More

Everton v Wolves – Alex’s XI

I really don't like Wolves. I don't like the way they're run, I don't like their players, I don't like their manager and I don't like their fans … Read More