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Everton 1-2 Leicester City – Everton Player Ratings.

Another disappointing display, but nothing else is new. Mr Silva will still be in a job come midweek because the board is more than likely enamored … Read More

Everton v Leicester – Alex’s XI

Motivation to watch any sort of football is slowly fading for me, and the fact that Mr Silva still occupies an Everton dugout is not exactly helping … Read More

Everton v Norwich – Alex’s XI

Back at it after an international break that really dragged, the Blues need a quick start. The season so far has been a constantly fluctuating state … Read More

Everton 2-1 Southampton – Everton Player Ratings

Mr Silva lives to see another week. Given the alternatives that were paraded about on Twitter over the weekend, many will obviously be very happy … Read More

Everton v Southampton – Alex’s XI

To briefly touch on the issue from last week, Heung-min Son deserves no sympathy and will get absolutely no forgiveness. He meant what he did, but … Read More

Everton v Tottenham Hotspur – Alex’s XI

The Watford result was a textbook example of papering over the cracks. I'm still very much in two minds over Mr Silva, and I think that's going to be … Read More