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Everton v Watford – Alex’s XI

Watford's biggest game of the season by far - a cup final at Goodison Park. A faux, unrequited rivalry has been the tale of the tape of the last few … Read More

Everton 0-0 Crystal Palace – Everton Player Ratings

A frustrating 90 minutes, but one that shouldn't cause Everton Twitter to collectively hit the panic button (Yes, I do know that is absolutely futile … Read More

Everton v Crystal Palace – Alex’s XI

If we'd signed Moise Kean and JP Gbamin on the final day of the transfer window instead of Alex Iwobi, we'd all be buzzing going into the start of … Read More

Everton predicted XI: Sevilla/Mainz (pre-season)

So, today's a weird one. Everton have two sixty minute games against Sevilla (11am) and Mainz (2pm). I assume there will be two completely different … Read More

Everton Predicted XI: Wigan Athletic (A)

Pre-season rolls on and we have had some indication of what's going to be happening in the closing stages of the transfer window. Marco Silva has … Read More

Everton Predicted XI: Monaco (N)

Maybe a more appropriate title would be 'Predicted XI's' as it's a pre-season affair, which spells change across the board. However, Marco Silva has … Read More