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Everton player ratings: Newcastle (H)

The first half was a whole lot of Everton. Despite Newcastle taking the lead early on through a quick break, not once did they look like they would … Read More

Everton v Newcastle – Alex’s XI

I don't watch Anfield derbies, and I'm pretty sure I've made that clear for as long as I've been writing these things for the last few years. Sunday … Read More

Everton v Liverpool – Alex’s XI

It's a very cruel world.  There are plenty of evil things that happen and not a lot of good to offset those bad things. One of those principle bad … Read More

Everton 1-0 Cardiff – Everton Player Ratings

I can't wait to very quickly forget that game ever happened. It was a completely typical performance that would have resulted in a draw or even a … Read More

Everton v Cardiff- Alex’s XI

I really don't mind the international breaks. That's probably for two reasons; I'm absolutely accustomed to seeing Everton lose, and lose … Read More

Everton v Chelsea – Alex’s XI

Let's make no mistake, we have an abysmal record away at the other big clubs. We simply cannot beat them, whether it's under Roberto Martinez … Read More