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Everton Player Ratings: Manchester United (H)

Marco Silva is the man. This was the best Everton performance I've seen in my life, bar none. The only one that comes close is the 4-0 victory over … Read More

Everton Predicted XI: Manchester United (H)

Everton against Manchester United is always an interesting fixture, as it's the one against the top sides that has really gone either way over the … Read More

Fulham (A): Everton Player Ratings

Regardless of how well the last few games have gone, this defeat negates all of the good work Mr Silva has done. A defeat to an already relegated … Read More

Fulham v Everton – Alex’s XI

These are much harder to write whenever Everton are in good form because when Everton go through the far-too-common poor runs, about 100 words are … Read More

Everton v Arsenal – Alex’s XI

An in form Everton is as exciting as it is terrifying. It's like that feeling we all get when we know we're about to have a cold, but aren't quite … Read More

West Ham (A): Everton Player Ratings

I mean this with little overstatement, but that was absolutely Everton's best 90-minute display since we beat City 4-0 those many moons ago. Not … Read More