The recent Romelu Lukaku interview got me thinking back to a better time in his career, when he was the best striker we’d seen in decades at Goodison Park. He was unplayable on his day, which tended to be any given Saturday, and he was undoubtedly one of the best buys the club has ever made.

Now however, he is truly a shell of the player he was just three years ago. He is being tossed around clubs with no one to take his side while fans band against him for lacklustre and straight up lazy performances.

But this interview comes on a day where a BBC Sport report takes a deep dive into Mr Brands’ workings in order to secure a deal for Moise Kean, and the cycle of excitement has fully circled back round to our new superstar who seems to be what Romelu Lukaku wasn’t, a truly fine young man.

He will be leading the line consistently for Everton very soon, and it’s going to be a privilege to watch him grow and develop in Royal Blue.

Anyway, onto the matter of hand – here is my XI to face Aston Villa: