It is nearly impossible to look too far into the future and predict how a team could line-up in several years time, what with form, managerial opinion, circumstance and transfers dictating how a squad is shaped.

Everton have a fairly youthful squad though, so it wouldn’t be extreme to imagine that in five years time, the club might not be all that different, at least as far as the starting line-up is concerned.

As such, we’ve attempted to conceive a starting line-up ahead of the 2025/26 Premier League campaign, to see who could still be proudly wearing Everton’s royal blue at the stadium on Bramley Moore Dock.

With Everton’s talented group of young players, as well as their rich academy set-up, there are many options for this team, as well as potential signings that could be made in the next few seasons.

Here is how we predict Everton’s line-up might look in five years.