Everton star striker Dominic Calvert-Lewin is known for his striking flair with 16 goals in 33 Premier League games last season – but his fashion choices match his on-field panache.

His penchant for designer clothes and risqué outfits is well-documented, and a recent Instagram post does anything but buck the trend – indeed, it wilfully embraces the trends.

As shared by the Daily Star, Calvert-Lewin sported a bright white double-breasted blazer while shirtless and adorned with a number of items of jewellery.

He unfurled his curls following his recognisable top-knot seen for Everton and England to reveal his shaggy mop, with large gilt-edged sunglasses sported as he basked in the summer heat.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/CReB3bor-bJ/

Completing his outfit with Gucci designer loafers and matching white trousers, Calvert-Lewin re-iterated his tastes for expensive avant-garde clothing.

He also accessorised with a miniature Chanel grab-bag.

As Calvert-Lewin previously revealed in an interview, experimental fashion has played a long-important role in his life and the influence of design goes back to his childhood.

“I guess my earliest influences were probably my dad and my uncle,” noted the striker to High Snobriety.

“My uncle worked in a G-Star shop. G-Star for all, when it was popping, back in the day. And then my dad was always into nice clothes, and I always remember my dad wearing Vivienne Westwood shirts. And I guess I also saw how my uncle dressed.

“My uncle was always cool. And he had loads of trainers and stuff like that. As a young kid, I saw that and thought, ‘I’d like a bit of that.'”